Manu Wildlife Center 4D/3N

  • Tour Description

    Tour begins and ends in Cusco.
    Tour price is all inclusive from the time we pick you up from your hotel in Cusco until we return you to your hotel in Cusco. Lodging in Cusco is not included. Gratuities are not included and are appreciated by your guides.

    Manu Wildlife Center is located east of the Manu River on the north bank of the Madre de Dios River. Reached by a 35-minute light plane flight from Cusco, it offers the Amazon’s finest short, in-depth wildlife safari. The lodge houses 22 double-occupancy fully screened bungalows (all with private baths and hot showers), a large screened dining room, and a bar with hammocks for relaxing and socializing.

    There are three fixed departure programs per week: Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

    Day 1
    Early morning our representative will pick you up from your hotel and transport you to the Cusco airport. You will fly for thirty-five minutes in a twin engine radar-equipped plane to Boca Manu. From here you are transported for 90 minutes by motorized canoe down the Madre de Dios River to the Manu Wildlife Center, arriving in time for lunch. The afternoon is spent exploring some of the 30 miles of clear forest trails surrounding the lodge. From these trails you will have an excellent chance to encounter some of the 12 species of monkeys which inhabit the surrounding forest, including the monk saki and emperor tamari.
    After dinner and following nightfall, you will take a short excursion to observe nocturnal life in the rain forest.

    Day 2
    Rising before dawn, you will boat 25 minutes downstream to the only large parrot and macaw clay lick in the Manu area. From a floating catamaran blind, you are afforded excellent views and photo-ops of hundreds of medium-sized and large parrots that arrive first at the lick, followed by large red-and-green macaws.

    • Activity at the clay lick is at its peak from August to October and is at its lowest point during May and June.
    • During the dry season (June-September) the water level on the river does not always allow for a floating blind. In that case, it will rest on the ground.

    After lunch at the Center, you will continue to explore the forest trails surrounding the lodge. Late afternoon, from the vantage point of a 34 meter high canopy platform, you will watch the last frantic activity in the rainforest (rush-hour!) as the creatures settle down for the night.

    You will eat dinner at the Center, or we might just pack our meal and head out for a leisurely 60-75 minute hike through the night forest to the Amazon’s largest known tapir clay lick. Here you will climb up to a 17 sq. foot observation platform, which is perched almost 20 feet above the lick itself, and wait for the lumbering tapirs to arrive. Using powerful flashlights, you will likely be able to observe and photograph them in action. Our scientific reports reveal that tapirs usually visit the clay lick between 9 p.m. and midnight. However, their activity continues until dawn.

    Day 3
    After another early morning departure by boat and short hike from the river, you will experience what promises to be an exciting visit to Blanco Oxbow Lake. This lake is inhabited by populations of a variety of aquatic life and water birds, including the prehistoric- looking hoatzin. You will also possibly encounter the resident family of giant otters.

    After lunch at the Center, your guide is available to help you further explore the forest trails for more wildlife encounters. Alternatively, you might choose to practice your abilities by striking out on your own to experience this expanse of rainforest habitats.

    From late afternoon through a period of time after dinner, you will be offered the opportunity to search by boat for caiman and other nocturnal life along the riverbank.

    Day 4
    After a pre-dawn breakfast, you will leave by motor canoe for the two hour return trip to the Manu landing strip. This is a valuable opportunity to observe early morning wildlife activity along the river. From here you will fly to Cusco, where your jungle adventure ends. Our representative will meet you at the Cusco airport and transfer you to your hotel.

    The program’s itinerary may vary slightly to maximize your wildlife sightings. Variations will be determined by the current reports of our researchers and experienced naturalist guides based at the lodge.